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HS655 2 Axis Electrohead - C Axis endless rotation and Axes pneumatic brakes

The HS655 Electrohead is the ideal solution for a wide range of machining operations on 5 Axis for Wood, Aluminium and Composite material.
The set-up foresees both spindles from the ES779 Series (10kW, 24,000rpm, HSK F63) and higher performance ES789 spindles (15kW, 24,000rpm, HSK F63).
The HS655 is rigid, thanks to the double-shoulder fork structure, easy to implement and extremely versatile to use, particularly with options for the Slip Ring (C Axis endless rotation) and pneumatic brakes on Axes.


VIDEO of an Automotive assembly line in N. America (KOMO Work Centre).



VIDEO of machining on Aluminium and Composite materials (UNITEAM Work Centre).