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Partnership R&D

HSD Spa is partner of Zero Defect Manufacturing Platform Project

“HSD will support the deployment of ZDMP in the MACHINE TOOL sector to enhance the development of Industrial Internet of Things in the industry. HSD is proud to cooperate with all partners and European Commission to create an open, extensible, interoperable and elastic platform that can enable any European manufacturing company of any size to optimize its production and thus strengthen its position in the global market.”
Fabrizio Pierini – CEO HSD Spa

ZDMP is a Research and Innovation activity that emerged in response to a European Commission H2020 call on Industry 4.0 and Factories of the Future under grant agreement 825631. It is a Digital Manufacturing Platform to facilitate Zero Defect Manufacturing in connected smart factories, including SMEs, and ultimately its aim is to further Europes position in the manufacture of high-quality products.
The Zero Defect Manufacturing Platform (ZDMP) was launched in January 2019 for 48 months with an investment of 19M€ provided by the 30 sponsoring companies and the European Commission.
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