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Health and Safety of Workers

HSD S.p.A. recognises that management of health and safety in the workplace is a company priority, and has therefore created a Safety Management System based on standard UNI ISO 45001:2018.

HSD S.p.A. places the health and safety of its associates and external staff at the centre of its operations, and it must be pursued in every workplace, whether this be a manufacturing site, office or third party site.

The physical health and safety must take priority when managing every activity, from the creation and design of products to related delivery and post-sales activities, involving associates, suppliers, sales force and end customers.

The corporate health and safety policy derives directly from the commitments taken on in the Organisational and Management Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001.

“Corporate activities must be carried out in full compliance with current regulations and with the corporate directives on preventive measures and protection of workers in terms of safety at work.

Improvement of health and safety conditions at work, together with protection of the environment, must be a constant reference point in operational management of corporate goals, and must be based on the following principles:

      A. Safer forms of behaviour

All workers shall be trained, informed and encouraged to carry out their tasks in safety and to take on their responsibilities in terms of health and safety at work.

      B. Continual evolution for safer work

All aspects relating to safety must be considered from the phases during which new activities are defined, or when revising existing ones as regards safety in the workplace and the relevant tools necessary to carry out daily activities, with the aim of making the working environment safer and more pleasant.

Employees and associates, each within their own tasks, take part in the process of risk identification and prevention, safeguarding of the environment and protection of the health and safety of themselves, their colleagues and third parties. The working environment must be suitable from a personal health and safety perspective. The company agrees to ensure that every employee is treated with respect and safeguarded from any illicit peer pressure, annoyance or prejudice.

HSD takes inspiration for its activities from the following principles:

  • avoid risks;
  • assess the risks that cannot be avoided;
  • combat risks source;
  • adapt the work to the person, in particular as regards conception of employment positions and the choice of working equipment and work and production methods, in particular to reduce monotonous and repetitive work and reduce the effects this type of work has on health;
  • take into account evolutions in the state of the art;
  • replace that which is dangerous with that which is not dangerous or which is less dangerous;
  • plan prevention, aiming for a coherent package that combines techniques, work organisation, working conditions, social relations and the influence of working environment factors;
  • give priority to collective protective measures over individual protective measures;
  • provide workers with adequate instructions.

These principles are used to take the necessary measures to protect the health and safety of workers, including activities for the prevention of professional, information and training risks, as well as setting up the necessary organisation and means.

Each of the Company’s Associates, both at management and operational levels, must comply with these principles, in particular when it is necessary to take decisions or make choices and, following that, when these must be implemented”.

To achieve this goals, HSD S.p.A. commits to:

  • be compliant with the reference standards  UNI ISO 45001: 2018 ed UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015;
  • ensure that the policy is appropriate to the purpose and the context of the organization;
  • apply risk prevention through the efficient and planned use of human resources, technological and material in a continuous process of improving company management;
  • safeguard the environmental balance of the area in which the company is located by preventing pollution in carrying out its activities;
  • avoid, where possible by adopting a proactive approach, to introduce new risks and break down the reducible risks on the front of suitable SSL assessments, also identify improvement actions aimed at reducing significant environmental impacts;
  • contain the risks that cannot be avoided through adequate technical / organizational solutions, staff training and awareness and improvement;
  • protect the health of workers by carrying out medical examinations and adopting suitable solutions to avoid occupational diseases;
  • evaluate and monitor the impact produced on the environment generated by the company in carrying out its activities;
  • ensure the information and awareness of all interested parties regarding the safety and environmental policy implemented by the Company;
  • provide adequate resources for the implementation of the company policy and for the effective functioning of the integrated management system;
  • ensure the profitability of the company in order to raise the funds necessary for continuous improvement.

This policy provides the framework for establishing and reviewing improvement objectives. HSD S.p.A. makes the Company Policy available to all interested parties (summary on the website and internal dissemination). All staff are invited to plan and carry out their activities taking into account the objectives set out above, reporting any suggestions / requests relating to health and safety in the workplace to company managers.

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