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Cluster Fabbrica Intelligente HPM project

HSD is a High Performance Manufacturing (HPM) project partner

The High Performance Manufacturing (HPM) project aims to develop machines and production systems that, through solutions with a high content of knowledge, contribute to the concept of "Intelligent Factory" as a sustainable and competitive production center able to effectively face the rapid sector changes through firm technological leadership of companies achieved through advanced industrial research programs. The concept of HPM is directed towards two fundamental objectives: the increase in performance at the process level (in terms of processing times and overall quality) and the flexibility of the processing systems (in terms of working conditions and autonomy). These elements constitute the frontier to be overcome in order to increase the performance and competitiveness of the Made in Italy product in instrumental goods for the industry. The increase in exports to emerging countries makes the machine's ability to withstand harsh working conditions, autonomously collecting information from the field and modifying the process parameters even in the absence of experienced operators, a strategic element for the competitiveness of the product. In anticipation of future market trends, the goal of machine tool and production system companies is to achieve ever-higher performance in terms of productivity, processing quality, flexibility and optimal use of material resources and energy available.
  • New materials
  • Advanced devices
  • Virtual prototyping
  • Digital technologies for manufacturing
  • Specialization of manufacturing systems

 The objectives of the project are articulated in different WPs in order to cover the technological problems related to performance improvement in the field of operating machines. The project aims to develop innovative technological solutions that will increase the level of competitiveness of the entire system, increasing production capacity and added value of capital goods and consumption. The expected result of the project consists in a profound technological advancement given by the development and of innovative methodologies and techniques that allow the improvement of the performance of machines and processes and a reduction of costs. It is expected that the project will contribute to favoring the inclusion and / or strengthening of companies involved in emerging markets. Furthermore, to obtain a competitive advantage in the medium-long term, the use of intellectual property protection tools is envisaged
Progetto Musp


Journey into the heart of HSD Mechatronics, between smart electrospindles and interconnected automation

HSD is applying to become the first Lighthouse Plant Zero Defects of the "Cluster Fabbrica Intelligente.
"We are proud to have been among the first to bring mechatronics in a sector that was conceived essentially as a mechanic.
HSD aims to be a "global mechtronics partner of machine tool manufacturers "... we work alongside customers, to design customized solutions together with them.
Because each of them has different needs, which constantly change according to the projects” Fabrizio Pierini HSD CEO.

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HSD Lighthouse candidate with Electrospindle 4.0 project

HSD is the first medium-sized Italian company to be assessed to become the Lighthouse of the Cluster Fabbrica Intelligente
“With Electrospindle 4.0 we face the challenge of digitalization the manufacturing system;
The Electrospindle 4.0 project revolves around the e-core electrospindle, totally interconnected and therefore capable of communicating with the machine tool manufacturer, with the "Control Tower" of HSD and with stakeholders. The electrospindle will therefore provide its process data in real time throughout its life".
"Thanks to the Electrospindle 4.0 project combined with the LHP Zero Defects Factory, "We will start an innovative study to review all our design logics, both to meet our customer's demand and for an intelligent industrial standardization of our products" says Pierini CEO HSD.

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-->Final Meeting del progetto HPM - High Performance Manufacturing (CTN01_00163_216758) del bando Cluster Tecnologici Nazionali