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HSD Deutschland GmbH: a simple and efficient repair service, and we'll cover the transport costs too!

HSD is a strategic technological partner dedicated to helping you find innovative solutions. Indeed, thanks to the widespread network of resellers and the 6 branches located in the main international markets, HSD is increasingly able to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of all its customers worldwide.

With the ultimate aim of constantly strengthening its presence at international level, the German subsidiary HSD Deutschland GmbH will be from January 2023 relocated to the group's headquarters in Nersingen. This move is demonstrative of HSD's intention to get closer to its customers, responding to their every need with even greater focus and speed.

HSD's proximity to the customer is also - and indeed, above all - expressed through the activities and roles carried out by the company's Service department; the services provided by the team have been gradually built upon and enhanced over time, with a view to simplifying the various processes and offering the customer the optimal solution for their needs. More specifically, significant investments have been made in the Service Headquarters department, and these have facilitated the development of new and more efficient services.

An example of the way in which the role of the Service Headquarters has been strengthened is seen in the implementation of a new repair request workflow within the Service department of the HSD Deutschland GmbH subsidiary: this offers a number of benefits over the previous arrangement, including a reduction in the time taken to repair a product as well as direct contact with Service Headquarters, with customers simply sending an e-mail to This enables any technical modifications, product upgrades and complaints to be handled in a more effective and efficient manner. Furthermore, this new workflow will also see all transportation costs for customer collection being borne in full by HSD, for an even more convenient and cost-effective service.

The new workflow is consistent with HSD's desire to ensure that the inspection and repair service is able to maintain the level of functionality and performance offered by its customers' machine assemblies and components over time.

Not forgetting, of course, that HSD employs highly specialised and qualified personnel and suppliers, who repair and recondition key components exclusively using HSD original replacement parts. In addition, HSD continuously invests in training and is constantly focused on ensuring the quality, technological innovation and efficiency of its processes. For this reason, the repair service offered by HSD can deliver appropriate solutions which can guarantee an increasingly timely and precise response to the requests received from its customers.